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"Signed up in minutes!"

Trung Lam, La Tour Cafe

"I love getting offers from my favorite stores while I’m shopping."

Holly Warburton

"Finally, a tool that helps me and my customers."

Joan Simon, noanoahawaii.com

"ShopSuey makes it easy to find what I’m looking for – including my car when I’m done shopping."

Kathleen Herbst

"I can move my inventory faster with on-the-fly messaging."

Tre, Jeans Warehouse

"Shopping is so much easier!"

Cameron Tullos

Shoppers, what you’re looking for is right here.  ShopSuey is helping people search local & buy local… right now.

There are hundreds of shopping mall apps and thousands of individual store apps out there. While we love apps, you don’t need a ton of them that all kind of do the same thing cluttering up your phone. You just need one. ShopSuey. Find the mall, store, or restaurant you’re looking for. Find ATMs, escalators, stairs, bathrooms. Even where you parked your car. The offers and events you’re interested in? With ShopSuey they find you.


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